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Follow our Progress along the PCT!

Banner and I spent November and December of 2003 at my parents' home in La Quinta, California.  Below are some images of our "PCT desert training regime!"

Terrain surrounding the Boo Hoff Trail
The Boo Hoff Trail is very close to my parents' home which allowed Banner and me to get out into the desert frequently...  Here's a photo of the terrain surrounding the Boo Hoff Trail.
Hiking a dry wash

Hiking up a dry wash to access
the Boo Hoff Trail...

Tough hiking at sunset

Reaching the top of a long climb...

Enjoying the view...

Resting and enjoying the sunset view looking down to Palm Springs...


Banner the gear hound!

Banner's first overnight camping trip with me was a climb of Santa Rosa Mountain.  Here's a photo of Banner all geared up for the trip.  He carried 5 pounds of gear up a 5 mile, 2500 foot ascent and had no troubles, aside from bumping into a few rocks and trees because he wasn't used to having a foot of "extra width" due to the panniers...

Sunset over the Coachella Valley.

Banner posing in front of cloud covered San Jacinto Peak

Above and to the left are views from the Sawmill Trail which climbs Santa Rosa Mountain.  In the image at left, San Jacinto Peak is concealed in the clouds behind Banner...

(a.k.a. Banner gets a raw deal...)