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Equipment Checklists

For folks who are interested in what Banner and I plan to carry on our PCT for Pets adventure, and for folks who will be joining us on the trail, I have included checklists of our equipment here.  Please keep in mind that I will be learning a great deal about equipment needs while on the trail, and these lists will therefore evolve.  I will try to keep the lists up to date.  I am planning to begin very conservatively and bring slightly more equipment than we probably need.  Below are links to checklists for the three major parts of our PCT journey: Southern California, the Sierra Nevada, and Northern CA/OR/WA.  Only those items marked with an 'X' will be carried on a given part of the hike.

Checklist 1:  Southern California Desert & Mountains
(March 7 - April 14 == Campo to Walker Pass)

Checklist 2: Sierra Nevada Skiing
(April 15 - May 15 == Walker Pass to Ebbetts Pass)

Checklist 3: Northern California, Oregon & Washington
(June 15 - September 14 == Ebbetts Pass to Canadian Border)

Hiking the PCT With Your Dog

I expect to learn a great deal about hiking on the PCT with a dog during our adventure, and I plan to use this space on our web site to post ideas and suggestions for hiking the PCT with a dog.  I will include both equipment and logistical ideas for traveling with a dog.