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Donate to Sponsoring Shelters along the PCT Route

Several animal shelters located close to the Pacific Crest Trail will graciously agree to help J. Bradley and Banner with resupplies of food and equipment during their 6 month hike.  If you choose to make a donation to PCT for Pets using the links below, Banner and I will send your donation to one of these Sponsoring Shelters.  In return for their critical logistical support, we hope that these shelters will benefit from your donations.  We also hope that they will be able to use our story and our adventure, as well as our attendance at fund-raising events that they may want to plan, in order to raise even more awareness and donations to help them in their daily mission to care for the animals in their charge.

Click here for a list of Sponsoring Shelters

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PCT for Pets will accept personal checks,
cashiers checks, and money orders made out to
"PCT for Pets"

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PCT for Pets can accept online donations using any major credit card through PayPal.  PayPal is a highly reputable company owned by EBay, and all transactions carried out through PayPal's system are completely secure.  Click these links for information about PayPal's information security measures and privacy policy.  Please note that PayPal will ask you to enter a Password to create a PayPal account.  This is a necessary step in order for PayPal to be able to process a donation via credit card.  You have no obligation to use this account after you have made your donation, and you can cancel it if you wish by visiting www.paypal.com.  If you already have a PayPal account, you can use this same link to tranfer funds from your PayPal account directly to PCT for Pets.

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