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Donate to an Animal Shelter of Your Choice

If you have explored our web site and like the idea of making a donation to
help shelter animals, but do not wish to donate to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or to Sponsoring Shelters through PCT for Pets...
...there is another option.

Banner and I would like to encourage you to make a donation to an animal shelter
that you are familiar with, perhaps one in your hometown...

If you don't know of an animal shelter in your area, the links at the bottom of this page will take you to some online directories that may help you find an animal shelter near
your home.  Any animal shelter you find will greatly appreciate your donation.

After you find a shelter and decide to make a donation, we would like to ask you two simple favors that will help Banner and I keep track of donations that have been inspired (at least in part) by our PCT for Pets adventure, and will help us spread the word about PCT for Pets!

First, please enter the following information and press Send Information:

Name of the shelter you are donating to:

City, State where this shelter is located:

Amount you are donating to this shelter:

NO PERSONAL INFORMATION will be sent with this information.

A Few Tips for Finding an Animal Shelter

Note that some shelters are "No Kill" shelters, while others will euthanize
their animals after a time if they are considered "unadoptable."  Think about
which type of shelter you would like to donate to.

. Try looking in your local phone book under
"Animal Shelters," "Humane Societies,"
or "Pet Rescue Organizations."

2. Ask your local pet store for the location of nearby shelters.

3. Search the Internet for a shelter using the above
keywords and the name of your town.

4. Use the following LINKS to find an animal shelter near you:
(Please note, even though some of these links say "dog rescue" they may
help you find animal shelters that also care for other animals)

Humane Society of the United States
(How to find your local animal shelter)



Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

Francis' Dog Rescue Center

USA Dog Rescue Directories

Cat-a-tonic Rescue and Adoption Links

Guides to Animal Rescue and Lost-and-found

Kyler Laird's animal rescue resources