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Follow our Progress along the PCT!

In early December, 2003, Banner and I joined some friends from Stanford University in British Columbia for a wonderful ski trip.  After watching Banner enthusiastically charge through neck deep powder day after day, I no longer have any concerns about his physical ability to complete the Pacific Crest Trail.  He's a natural outdoorsman!

Que lindo!

Skiing into the Flavelle Hut
where we spent a lovely week!
Look at those tele-studs!

The "Posse" posing in front of the cozy Flavelle Hut where we lived in relative luxury...
Main activity #2: Eating!

Enjoying yet another gourmet
meal in the Flavelle Hut!

Snow Puppy!

Banner LOVED the snow!  He'd be the first one up in the morning, spend about five minutes munching some dried kibble and then be out the door to romp in the snow for an hour while we silly humans labored to cook, melt water, put on layers and layers of clothing, strap on ski boots, etc...

Banner leading the way!

Banner instantly learned to stay in
the ski track
and out of deep snow...

Hey, get off my skis!

Unfortunately, he never quite learned to avoid stepping on the tails of our skis in his enthusiasm to follow us up the hills...

Mt. Joffre

Mt. Joffre with a halo of cloud...

Bryan P: Avalanche Expert!

Examining the snow profile for stability...  Overall, snow conditions were pleasantly stable throughout the week.  It was great fun to refresh our skills in digging profiles and performing transceiver searches!

Goofy heroic Banner!

Banner looking heroic...

and maybe a bit cold too (below).

Cold heroic Banner!

Main Activty #1: Shredding the phatt pow pow!

Continual snowfall provided fresh, light powder every day!  In this photo you can see Banner's line at far left...  He decided to thread some trees and a cliff band and plunge straight down the "steep and deep!" Maybe I should buy him a helmet!

Main Activity #3: Sleeping!

Banner would frolic in the snow all day, apparently without tiring.  But when we returned to the hut, he would immediately collapse on my sleeping bag for some well-deserved snoozing!

I love my dog!
I love my dog!

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